Weight Loss Facts

For a long time I had been gravely misled about some important facts regarding weight loss. This is due to the fact that most weight loss programs and theories don’t really work as effective as they are advertised. I have had multiple experiences where pills prescribed to me by health practitioners only proved to be inefficient after a long time of experimenting whereas keeping up with a bustling gym schedule was too much hustle for my overweight body. As a result of falling to prey to bad advice, depression almost kicked in and I almost found myself giving up in my quest and longtime dream of possessing a body that I was comfortable in. Luckily, I caught a lucky break when a friend highly recommended a 3 week diet program that had changed his life.

Weight Loss Facts

Following the recommendation of the 3 week diet, I decided to purchase the kit and test the waters, besides, I had tried worse. Before starting the routine, the manual directed me to undertake a vigorous detox phase. As I came to learn, the detox phase is quite important as it prepares the body for a hectic 3 week program. The three week program offers a choice of; either beginning the schedule with a fasting phase or just start with a low carb phase. I was not willing to take any chances with short cuts so I followed the best recommendations in the guide. At first it was difficult, but I was determined not to take short cuts this time round. Even though the preparation drained my entire body, I was still determined to complete the program and achieve my desired results. When I started the program, it was clear that I was obese, with my body mass index(BMI) hitting a terrifying 32. This simple test had a huge psychological effect on me since I was hoping that all the programs I had tried had at least helped. As commonly known, the BMI index number should range between 20-30% for an adult that is healthy.No wonder my recurring heart aches and loss of breath I often suffered still there. After all the money I had spent on different quick solutions, I was still unhealthy.

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Following the recommendation

After kick starting the process, I found my diet to be quite restrictive. My usual burgers, fried meat, soda and French fries ware replaced by vegetables that could be eaten raw, steamed or microwaved, it was a new experience. According to the manual, vegetables are low calorie foods; basically this means they are healthy as their composition is not largely covered by fats. My first two days were the hardest as I found myself battling hunger on a new level. However, the aftermath of the two days saw me shed off a hard-earned pound. To me it seemed negligible but as far as the 3 week diet was concerned it was a massive step in the right direction. For the next three days I followed a tight routine with the early morning walks and persistent headaches being my major problem, I am not even sure it was related. However,  I came to learn that replacing coffee in the morning with a much healthier drink might have been the cause of the whole issue. Nevertheless, I was always motivated by my daily and almost negligible loss in weight. As a matter of fact, the gradual weight loss, when summed up,showed that I had lost 2% body fat. There was no time to slack despite the fatigue my body had bared during a span of the first five days.

Seeing the result

At the onset of the second week, my cholesterol levels had reduced significantly according to my doctor. Actually, my body was feeling lighter, which implied that my body metabolism was working just fine once again. At this point, my strict diet now had now become slightly lenient and I could afford to choose between different varieties of healthy foods.  According to the kit, this stage is known as the fat phase. I gained half a pound during this phase which was quite disappointing, it seemed like I had failed once again with another fake program. However, by the end of the second week, the weight loss was slower. Besides, they had mentioned in the kit that discipline was a must to stay true to my goal. The duration of the next several days saw a positive change in both body and mind. Progress was slow but consistent. On the final few days of the three week marathon, there was notable increased muscle tone. My waist line size had dropped by 3cm. My skin looked healthier and I was experiencing the benefits of decreased cellulite. The continuous effort saw me lose a whopping 16 pounds in a span of three weeks In terms of fat loss, I had managed to shed off 6.9% body fat. Of course I would have wished to shed of something like 50% but it is only a matter of time and will.

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Consistency is the Key

I learnt a lot of things after trying the 3 weeks of this program. What the program actually does is give you a start to healthy living, not a one-time thing that you will forget about after achieving quick and fake results.I found it quite compelling in terms of dieting. The schedule, when followed keenly, actually does bear fruits. Most people including myself, however, seek the fastest way to lose body fat which based on experience, is a painful illusion. The slow and tougher method remains the best way to lose weight without really stressing the body or mind.For instance, one of the things I learnt was that weight lifting should be done with caution, especially for those taking supplement products to help ease the burden on their muscles. Maintaining a good diet is vital. The body requires all nutrients including fat but in low portions and more so when working out. A balanced diet, therefore, is recommended for anyone on the quest to conquer weight issues.  Constant weighing and BMI checking is also an important aspect of maintaining weight loss since it gives you motivation when doing well and warns you when things are going south. A clear conscience and mindset goes a long way towards losing weight. When the whole body is in harmony there is a synchronization of mind and body energythat serves as the greatest reward for striving to live a healthy life.


In general, the 3 week diet program is a good start for a long term weight loss program. The will to overcome and the motivation you instill on yourself keeps on growing throughout the duration and beyond. This is because the notable changes in your body encourage you to keep going. If I managed to move from the obese category to the overweight category then anybody can. Exercising a lot helps replace fat with muscle and also uses up the particularized body portions which deal with both workout configurations and work out routines. Recent studies show that people who work out have lesser chances of getting weight related diseases such as heart diseases or stroke. Therefore, a good nutrition plan must also include some kind of work-out, depending on what your body can take.In conclusion, it is recommended that every individual should aim to have a physically fit body to avoid unnecessary risk to chronic conditions brought about by being obese. A healthier way of living leads to a long and healthy life, do not get discouraged just because it is easier said than done.

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